Down Alternative Comforter

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However you sleep, we’ve got a comforter to match your needs. Snuggle up to varied levels of warmth and construction, each tucked within our ultra-soft, 100% long staple cotton shell.

  • 100% cotton sateen shell
  • Great for those on a budget, living a vegan lifestyle, or suffering from severe allergies
  • Baffle box construction
  • Loops on every corner to attach to duvet cover
  • Eco-conscious—made from recycled PET fibers, repurposed from plastic bottles
  • Lightweight: Perfect for hot sleepers. Cloud-like softness that comforts without the weight.
  • All-Season: Ideal comfort that lasts year round. Like the Goldilocks of comforters.
  • Ultra-Warm: For those who like it extra cozy, this comforter is luxurious and fit for snuggling.

Customer Reviews

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kathy c
kathy c.

It is great. Keeps me warm and feels light. I love the comfort of the fabric!

David F
David F.

This duvet is amazing! It is cool to touch but keeps you warm and comfortable all night. It is also surprising light for being so thick, which makes it really easy to make the bed or switch out duvet covers.

Yael S
Yael S.

A perfect blend of weight and warmth. I live a warmer climate so do not yet know how it will hold up in very cold weather. I want to get the lighter weight blanket in the future. Thanks!

Ashlee R
Ashlee R.

Love this comforter. It is like sleeping under a cloud. I have the classic percale duvet cover which makes for the perfect fit.

Monica C
Monica C

feels like a luxurious upgrade to my bedding! Highly recommend. I have a queen size bed and I think the size is the perfect amount of hang over the edge.